Hvar Tips

Visit Fortica fortress

Fortress above the old city dates from the 16th century. Beside its historical and architectural beauty, it offers an amazing view to the sea and the nearby islands. You have to walk up to the mountain to get to the fortress but it’s worth it. Once you get to the fortress be sure to take a break to enjoy the view and refreshing drink.


See Hvar’s cathedral

Famous Hvar cathedral is located at the east side of Hvar’s pjaca (St. Stephen’s square), which is the biggest square in Dalmatia. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Stephen, who was the Pope and martyr, patron of city of Hvar.



Explore the walking trails

If you enjoy in active vacation, you should definitely try some of the walking trails. Just passing through the preserved Mediterranean landscapes, old vineyards or the goats’ paths, surrounded by pristine nature you`ll feel relaxed and filled with energy and unforgettable memories.


Taste the Delicious Dalmatian specialties

Make sure to visit some of the local taverns or restaurants and try the famous Dalmatian specialties such as: smoked Dalmatian prosciutto, fresh grilled fish, Peka, Pasticada, black risotto and many more dishes of sensational taste.


Visit Hvar’s theater


Hvar’s theater was founded in 1612 and is known as one of the first municipal theaters in Europe. Erected on the ancient Arsenal, its exterior is mostly preserved in its original form, constructed 400 years ago. The interior, however dates from the 19th century.